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Proven Success

Last year, the BBC followed a trial carried out on Aquaforce Plumbing Solutions in Barnsley. While Craig Wood of Aquaforce was dubious of the technology, and not entirely convinced it would work, he was prepared to trial the technology on one vehicle within his fleet.

“Within two or three days, great results. We were getting an extra one hundred miles out of a tank of fuel. We were delighted with that.”

 The Renault Trafic was moderately loaded and encountered a mix of town and motorway driving. We limited the vehicle to 75-80 mph and included a rev limiter to avoid unnecessary over revving. Fuel Saving: 80-100 miles extra per tank of diesel.

The success of the trial led Aquaforce to implement the technology throughout the whole fleet.

The result? Lower fuel bills and a reduced carbon footprint.


IMGWelcome to Fuelsaver Technologies.

In today’s climate, there is increasing pressure on companies who run vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint. The question is, is it possible to reduce your fuel bill whilst reducing your company’s carbon footprint? It is now: by installing the Fuelsaver System to your vehicles you will help reduce your fuel bills by 10 to 25%. In addition to these savings, Fuelsaver WILL help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your emissions by a similar amount.

Fuelsaver Benefits:

  • Help reduce your fuel bills by 10 to 20%
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions.
  • More useable torque.
  • Completely warranted & reversible at anytime.
  • Fully insured by Aviva.
  • The use of Fuelsaver will help your company attain ISO 14001 accreditation.